Based in New Jersey - Educational/University Discount
  • Scanning Electron MICROSCOPY

    – 6″/150mm samples, 1.5nm resolution, secondary, backscattered electron detectors, CL detector, motorized X/Y and Z/THETA/TILT, EDS analysis

  • SEM Sample Preparation 

    – sputtering and sample mounting

  • Thermal Evaporation Deposition 

    – dual sources with QCM rate/thickness monitor and in situ plasma cleaning if requested

  • Sputter Deposition 

    – 3″ target RF or DC with QCM rate/thickness monitor and in situ plasma cleaning if requested. O2/N2/Ar/He available

  • Oxygen Plasma Cleaning 

    – aggressive RF plasma cleaning for 8″ substrate, can remove photoresist

  • Plasma Etching 

    – 8″ substrate provide your own gas, dual mass flow controllers

  • mass spectroscopy

    – residual gas spectra (<100amu) of solid, liquid, gas, or material decomposition, IR heating available, 1e-8Torr base pressure

  • Custom High Vacuum Chamber and Instrumentation Design 

    – design and fabrication of automated chambers and nanofabrication process tools


    – transmittance, reflectance, absorbance, and fluorescence decay measurements with xenon flash lamp

  • Photolithography 

    – 1um process, maskless, apply/bake/expose/develop resist

  • General Electrical Engineering 

    – custom PCB layout/design, etc.