Installation of Varian Navigator TV 141 Turbomolecular Pump

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IMG_9305 IMG_9251Installation of Varian Navigator TV 141 Turbomolecular Pump on a 6″ CF to ISO 100 elbow – custom Lesker part. Pump controller is integrated and is powered by 240v single phase. Backing line is KF16 to KF25 conical adapter and the KF25 stainless hose runs to a heated vapor trap and then to an Edwards oil rotary vane pump. Turbo pump speed is ~120L/s!!

4 thoughts on “Installation of Varian Navigator TV 141 Turbomolecular Pump”

  1. Couple things, you dont really need a foreline trap with the turbo pump, they usually just slow things down.

    Avoid drug store rubbing alcohol, a lot of water in it and sometimes they add other stuff to it. Just get a gallon jug of the highest percentage you can get at a hardware store or local chemical supplier. I still avoid using it when I can, acetone is better and then finish with mineral spirits. This will help get the water out of the system which is going to be the biggest hurdle to getting a high vacuum and you are going to need all the help you can get with that small of a pump.

  2. This is an amazing setup. It would be mindblowing if you were 10 years older. I can’t fathom how much you’ve learned at your age.
    It’s really humbling to watch.

    How much would it be to put together this vacuum chamber, all sensors included. DIY parts wherever possible.

    1. Thanks! That’s a hard question. If you have no vacuum parts laying around and no access to surplus it will cost many thousands of dollars as a minimum. I’ve made my setup for far less. You just have to get creative.

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