Mark IV Maskless Submicron Photolithography Stepper

Details and photos of my newest maskless photolithography stepper have been posted here: Info Page


Automated DLP submicron stepper for 2″ (50mm) wafers with LabView control, computer alignment, and wafer vacuum chuck. Based on an old Nikon microscope with custom optics and in-situ UV-VIS spectroscopy for illumination process control. Diffraction-limited resolution is <250nm with a 365nm light source.

SEM image
SEM image

5 thoughts on “Mark IV Maskless Submicron Photolithography Stepper”

  1. 你们非常厉害!
    【I hope we can discuss it together(I think you should see the email of me)】

  2. Its really incredible!
    I am also fond of some silicon gadgets, while I am not really understand how to make sure the position of the wafer is precise enough during photolithography, and I also have some problems with maskless photolithography technique.

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