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  1. Hello Sam!
    What you do in your garage looks very impressive for me,
    nice, that you share it.
    I do some similar things at home and have put together in my cellar, a RF plasma chamber (cap coupl, 6 in), a thermal evaporator (Ta boats, glow discharge for preclean, 6 in), RGA´s (Quadrex and Transpector), a spincoater etc.. Most stuff is from Leybold, some MKS and Edwards. I do not have a complete IC line like you, but several parts. I am working in southern Germany.
    The evaporator is used regularly for preparing thin layers as corrosion test targets and the plasma chamber is used for samples to clean mostly, sometimes to deposit plasmapolymers.
    Maybe, we can help each other with manuals or design tips, exchange of materials or doing a process step is more difficult. Such hobbyists like us are very rare, I know one other colleague in germany.
    Best Regards
    (I am a chemist, half a decade old, working in automotive)

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